Hand paws

Starts at £90

Hand paws for you costume made from scratch! Price will increase depending on amount of fur colours wanted, complex markings, and whether or not claws are wanted. All paws come with puffy paw pads, 4 fingers, comfortable lining and stuffed fingers.

The Kloofsuits paw pattern is used for all handpaws.


Nub tail (£20)
Small-10 inches (£40)
Medium-20 inches (£50)
Large-35 inches (£70)
Extra large- 40+ inches (£100+)

floor dragger (£130+)

Tails can come in all shapes, sizes and colours. Prices will change depending on fur colours, size of tail, shape of tail, complexity of design (Markings, spikes, fins etc) and whether or not wiring or a foam core is needed / wanted. Extra large tails are the same as floor draggers but are suspended in the air, needing support from either a foam core or wiring


Ear headsets

Start at £20

An ear headset is a set of wearable ears attached to a headband. Prices will increase will complexity. Ear headsets can be bought alongside a tail for a slightly discounted price.

Feet paws

Stuffed indoor paws start at £120

Foam built outdoor paws start at £100

Feetpaws for your costume! Indoor paws are made with paw pad soles and are stuffed with teddy bear filling. Indoor paws use a pattern made my me.

Outdoor paws feature tough, rubber soles and are built on a foam base that is made from scratch for each customer.

Prices may increase for complex designs such as extra fur colours, complex markings and whether or not claws are wanted

Other accessories


Come in shape pictured above and can be whatever colour is desired. Prices start at £15

All accessories should be quoted by me before ordering as most things do not have a set price. I will happily edit most apparel to fit fursuits and work off references to suit your character.


Prices will start at around £10. Some fabrics are already available and will be shown upon ordering. Custom fleece fabrics can also be ordered for additional prices.


Armour sets and props

Armour and props can be quoted for commission. I will gladly make armour pieces but will be reluctant to make an entire armour set on commission Be willing to spend at least £50 on smaller armour pieces and at least £300 - £500 on full sets.

Props such as swords, daggers and guns can be quoted but be willing to spend over £100 on large items (Rifles, swords etc) and £50 on smaller items (Daggers, pistols etc). 

All props and armour are made out of EVA foam. LED's can be added for extra pricing.

Plush / plush backpack


Currently we only offer one shape plush and backpack as we follow a pattern made by CholyKnight on Etsy. Due to the pattern restrictions, Very high detailed characters will not be accepted and neither will some species. Please inquire before ordering.

The small backpack is big enough to hold a phone, wallet and other small essentials. The large pack is big enough to hold a large Ipad / Tablet and many other large things. Please inquire as to the specific sizes of both plush and backpack.

Small size plush £80

Large size plush £100

Small size backpack £100

Large size backpack £130

Arm sleeves

Prices start at £80 for unlined sleeves

Arm sleeves are fluffy sleeves that cover your arms. Made specifically to your own measurements and can be lined for easier cleaning and comfort for only an extra £20!