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How long do fursuit commissions take to complete

Most will take no less than 3 months unless specified otherwise. Each client will be given an ETA

When do you open for commissions

I do not have a set time to open, I often open commissions whenever my queue empties or if I have cancellations.

Which payment methods do you accept?

Paypal is the only accepted method of payment

Can you make me a free fursuit?

No. The only circumstances in which you can get a free fursuit is if I hold a raffle for one which is very, very rare.

How do I make...

If you wish to make your own fursuit, please consult the youtube series by Kloofsuits and follow along with that. It's how I've learnt the craft and is much more helpful than I could be. I am willing to give criticism and offer advice when asked but I will not walk you through the process. I do also highly recommend Kloofsuits patterns that are sold on their Etsy shop as they are brilliant for beginners and experts.

Where do you buy fur / foam etc

Is your workshop pet friendly?

No. We currently own two cats and one dog and I do try to keep them out of my workroom as much as possible but, as pets do, they often manage to sneak in when I'm not looking. I do keep them away from my materials however. If you have an allergy to cats or dogs I would highly recommend not buying a suit fro me as I cannot guarantee the suit will be free from contaminants. All my suits are washed before they are sent out but I cannot completely remove all possible contaminants from your suit.

Terms of service are below, click to the button to view them. By commissioning anything from Nyxia Creations, you automatically agree to these terms, it is the buyers responsibility to read them and abide by them. 

Shipping Policy

Items are packaged safely and sent with royal mail. You will be sent a tracking number for your package so you can check up on where you suit is during the postage process.

Nyxia Creations

All photos of costumes on this website are taken by Gingernut1997

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